Laura Ingraham considered for White House press secretary post

Conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham’s next microphone could be behind the White House press briefing room podium.

Ingraham is under serious consideration for White House press secretary, sources confirmed to CNN on Monday.

Other people are in contention for the post as well, the sources said. But Ingraham’s name stands out because of her nationally syndicated talk radio show and her close ties to Trump.

Ingraham, 53, spoke at the Republican National Convention over the summer and advised Trump ahead of the fall debates. She has also advocated for Trump on her radio show and in numerous Fox News appearances.

Last week on Sean Hannity’s Fox show, Ingraham said that forgotten Americans found “a champion” in Trump.

Ingraham is also a lawyer who once clerked for the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. She’s also written several best selling books that zinged the media, President Obama or Hillary Clinton, including “The Hillary Trap, Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places.”


The Hill first reported that Ingraham is being considered for the job.

Ingraham has not responded to CNN requests for comment about the possibility and has not addressed it publicly.

Tony Snow — who served during Bush 43’s administration — is the most recent conservative talk radio host to stand behind the podium.

But Ingraham is different. She has been much more openly critical of news outlets and journalists over the years. In radio and TV segments, she has decried the biased “Hillary media” and questioned some journalists’ patriotism.

As press secretary, Ingraham would be the primary liaison between the White House press corps and the Trump administration.


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