After party shakeup, Dems work on plan to oust entrenched Nancy Pelosi

Ohio Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan is considering running against Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for her leadership position in the wake of the party taking a beating on election night.

Democrats were expected to pick up somewhere between 15 to 20 House seats, yet only managed to unseat a handful of Republican lawmakers — dealing a major blow to the party.

A group of more than 20 lawmakers signed a letter requesting leadership elections be pushed back to give them time to reflect on Nov. 8’s results. Ryan’s name was initially listed among the signatures, but was later removed, The Washington Post reports.

Ryan spokesman Michael Zetts told Politico the congressman is open to the idea, and has been encouraged by his colleagues.

“Congressman Ryan is flattered that a growing number of members of the Democratic caucus have called on him to run for leader,” Zetts said in a statement. “He understands that many members are deeply concerned about the future of the Democratic party and caucus. He watched many traditional Democrats leave our party and he is concerned that if changes aren’t made we will be in the political wilderness for many years to come.”

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy credited Pelosi for helping Republicans hold onto the majority.

“If I’m being selfish, I truly believe as long as she’s leader we keep the majority,” he told reporters Monday morning.

Pelosi announced Friday Democratic leadership elections will be held Nov. 17.

Chris Salamone

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