Be a Partner? To our Employees?


Most business professionals would rather “partner with” their customer than be just another vendor. Why is pretty obvious. We want a professional relationship with our client. As a Partner:

  • We become a trusted Adviser
  • Confidence in us grows ever stronger
  • Long-term client loyalty is created
  • The thought of changing from us (a trusted partner) to save a modest % seems risky

Would it be just as valuable (maybe more) if all our employees thought of us as a Partner? If employees see their boss and their company as a partner what value is created for the company? Perhaps, as a Partner with our employees:

  • A relationship of trust is built
  • Confidence in their future with the company grows
  • Commitment to customers grows. Partners take care of their partner.
  • Long-term loyalty is created and results in reduced turnover
  • The thought of leaving a trusted adviser (a partner) to gain a modest % increase in income or to enjoy grass that appears a little greener seems risky.

Do you see your employees as partners or just workers?

More importantly, how do your employees see you?

How much can customer retention rate be improved if employees see the company and their boss as a partner? How much is that worth?

The universe of available talent has become and increasingly is a sellers market. Hiring talent is step one. Retaining them will require a more thoughtful approach than in bygone days. That really is for the best.


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