Making America great again

What exactly will it take, for President Elect Trump to… “Make America Great Again’? America was only great when the government was limited to the provisions as set forth by our Constitution, and “We The People” had the power over all our “free enterprise systems”.

The only power the Constitution gave the government was the power over our “National Defense”. President after president, (Democratic and Republican alike), has “chipped away” at our constitutional provisions, thereby gaining more and more power over “We The People’ by controlling more and more of the free enterprise systems that produces the essentials of our lives.

Today, there is nothing in our daily lives that our government does not now “unconstitutionally” control! In order to gain this control, our government took a page out of Hitler’s “How To Become A Successful Dictator Book,” and used Hitler’s methods of controlling our entire education system, thereby gaining control over the minds of all our children, from kindergarten through college, filling them with “tenure teachers” who could not be fired, and socialist professors, as they generation by generation, controlled the mindset of our children. This is why America now has millions of college students following after “Socialist Bernie Sanders” and hating the man who would “Make America Great Again”!

The government has also taken control over a large part of our news media, providing “We The People” with only what the government wants the world to know. Politics used to be about “different ideas In governing” but today politics has become more about “changing the character of voters” than it is about “political methods”.

This is why even though we now have a president elect who wants to “Make America Great Again”, who was voted into office by “We The People’, who finally has an agenda to “Make America Great Again”, and we find our children, from grade school through college, marching in the streets of our nation, destroying as they go, acting like little spoiled children rather than educated adults. This undeniably shows us the results of government control in our education system.

“We The People” did not give the government the power to control our education system or our system of free enterprise – our government took it from us, and they did it without a fight! The only way America will ever become great again, would be for us to take back everything the government has taken from us, but according to “God”… that will not happen. God has prophesied this to us with His Words, “Professing themselves to be wise… they became fools.”

Before Trump can trash Obama’s divisive health care system, designed “to give the government control over all our healthcare”, Trump must first find something to replace Obamacare with. The government has spent decades destroying the healthcare system we once had, with rules, regulations and mergers that cannot be replaced overnight! The government knows they have Trump by the short and curlys. There is nothing I would like more, than to see Trump find the solutions he needs to make America great again, but I believe in Biblical prophecies more than I do in Trump or any politician. Biblical Prophecy speaks of a One World Government in the last days, that has no place for a once free nation like America, or a Constitution that gives the people power and freedom over dictators. God is not going to take our problems away from us…God is going to take us away from our problems!


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