Aspire Community Day Student Recognized for her Inspirational Attitude


High school student Aleea Moore inspires classmates and staff at Aspire Community Day School. Courtesy photo

High school student Aleea Moore inspires classmates and staff at Aspire Community Day School. Courtesy photo

HEMET – An inspiring student from Aspire Community Day School is set to attend a four-year university. Despite setbacks, Aleea Moore has always been determined to attend college and passionate to pursue a career.

During her high school years, Moore faced many challenges and setbacks. However, due to her persistent personality she was given a second chance to graduate high school and to continue her journey toward a higher education. Moore said when she walked onto the Aspire campus her first day, she felt that this place was her chance to move things around.

This year, Moore created the school’s first newsletter. She is currently working with her photojournalism teacher, Robert Oliver, to create a newsletter that students can be proud of. During school and community events, Moore walks around taking photos of students and staff to accompany the articles she is writing. The newsletter focuses on the amazing events and opportunities students at Aspire have all around them. She writes about community service opportunities, students who recently got jobs and events and programs currently available to students on campus.

“Aleea is why I work here,” Oliver said. He said he enjoys watching students grow and thrive, and it has been amazing watching Moore find her passion. He teaches students that the key to being successful is to find something you are passionate about.

The Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders have selected Moore for recognition as a delegate representing the State of California. This national program honors academically superior high school students interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and math. The letter she received stated she was being recognized for her outstanding grades, her leadership skills and her desire to contribute to the field of science or technology.

Principal Cristian Miley said Moore is one of their shining stars. He said he is proud of the effort and dedication she has shown to her future, as well as in being a role model to the other students on campus.

She attributes her success to keeping herself positive and remembering that things will always get better as long as she continues to focus and stay strong.

“I have people in my corner telling me I can do it and to keep going.” Moore said. “It has inspired me.”

Moore will be a part of the first graduating class from Aspire Community Day School.


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